Okay, we may not update this page very often for some reason, but this doesn’t mean we’re out of the running. So, I just wrote this little blog post to give some insight on what we did in late 2015 and in 2016 so far.

This year, we played the fully packed tent at Dong Open Air (with Bloodbath, Amorphis, Haggard, Fleshgod Apocalypse and many more) at 11:45 in the morning, we had a blast in Bern, Switzerland where we met the DJ Bobo’s Drummer, we had a blast in Reutlingen and Munich and in Franks hometown Münster. All in all, we feel like we have gained lots of experience and hit the stages harder and tighter than ever before.

Later last year, we released our first real music video. We spent a couple of days in the woods and recorded some really nice and deep footage for Wither Away, telling the story of the armless maiden. See the result here:

Furthermore, Frank and me have made some creative storytelling. He read some fairytales that we used as the basis for Grimm I & II’s lyrics, while I arranged some ambient/drone music for it. You can find the result on our Bandcamp account.


For the next months, we will focus on creating new concepts and music. We have already written a bunch of songs and some rough ideas of how the next record might sound like.

So, that’s about it for now. As i mentioned, we don’t use this wordpress page very often. Our facebook page on the other hand is always up to date.


We still know for what we live,
The way we are we stay!



Full Album Stream & Preorder

You can stream our upcoming Album GRIMM I&II ten days prior to the official release date (26.6. 2015) at our bandcamp page. https://kadavrik.bandcamp.com/album/grimm-i-ii

To support us instead of bandcamp, please use our very own store at skullmerch for preordering album and merchandise: http://www.skullmerch.com/front/search.php?action=band_search&band=60

Updated shows for 2015

book us for more! band@kadavrik.com

(D) 26.9.2015 – Kultopia, Hagen
( +  …)

(D) 18.7.2015 – Summernights, Mechernich
( + Obscurity, Nitrogods, Dragonsfire, …)

(D) 17.7.2015 – Tank Mit Frank, Münster
( + Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, V8wankers, …)

(D) 3.7.2015 – GRIMM I&II – Releaseparty, Oberhausen, Helvete
( + The Last Hangmen, Außerwelt, Axolotl)

(D) 7.5.2015 – Matrix, Bochum
( + Nachtblut, Eden Weint Im Grab)

(D) 28.3.2015 – Evil Horde Metal Fest, Oberhausen
( + Words Of Farewell, Motorjesus, Nightingale, Gloryful, …)

Signed with Testimony Records

Some official news for you:

„With fourth album „Grimm I & II,“ which is due for release on the 26th of June 2015 via newborn label Testimony Records, KadavriK settles a score with pigeonholing.

The German band offers an aggressive mixture of atmospheric black / death metal, plunging into lesser-known narratives of Grimms’ fairy tales. The album will be available on Gatefold vinyl CD and in digital format.“

Here all dwell free

Walking in the woods with Alex. He is a great photographer, especially when it’s about landscapes. He make reality seem beautiful. Frank, Alex and me went to the forest Sababurg after a long night of partying to take fotos for our stage deco. We will unveil the final Backdrop later this fall. It was a hell of a trip. Hungover, little sleep, insanely creepy hotel and mosquitos all over… Still, it was a great experience to visit one of the last virgin forests in Germay. Never seen such great trees.

Check out Alex’s facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NAlexanderOttoPhotography